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April 24, 2009

Boy do I have a lot of little projects going on right now! I am excited about all of them, and can not wait to see them all finished up. I've got that sneak peek necklace I am working on, that I just found some great new beads that just totally make it a new and dramatic piece. I have some earrings in the work, using some of my very precious sterling silver. The earrings will all feature pearls too. I really love using pearls in my jewelry. I also have a personal bracelet I am planning on restringing and using a new clasp on. I will post a pic of it when finished in case someone might happen to want one similar.

A trip to my local bead store proved to be very inspiring for me yesterday. They have a gorgeous selection of stones, both fine and plain. A few of the agates and jaspers really spoke to me. However, my goal is to get some sales to I can go back and by the graduated strand of sapphire briolettes. While they were tiny and delicate, they were also absolutely gorgeous. There was a strand of ruby brios that was hollaring at me as well. I stumbled on a darling strand of the neatest cut garnet I have ever seen. They were thin squares, with a beveled edge and quite funky and different. My trip there lit a fire under me to get some nicer pieces finished and listed on Artfire so I can go back and make those pretty gems mine!

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