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April 10, 2009

It's been a very busy week here at Iced Adornments, in respect to the family portion of life. It's Spring Break time here for school, throwing everyone off balance a little bit. My three year old daughter was initially confused as to why she could not go to school on Tuesday like she normally does. The youngest was totally thrown from the nap schedule due to his sister not disappearing for 2 hours on her school days. Next week, we are thankfully back to the norm and I should be able to accomplish some things jewelry wise.

I made up my mind earlier this week that I would also open a store on Etsy to compliment my Artfire store. I have a dear, good friend working on a lovely banner for me to use. Who knew picking fonts was so overwhelming lol! I am still cramming my noggin full of the do's and don'ts of successful Etsy selling. My goal is to have some items stocked in the store by mid week. Along with the little Glass Tile pendants I've made, I will be introducing some long necklaces I have done. And by the end of the week, some earrings as well.

In totally different news, we added a new member to our family this week as well.

This is Sasha. A 6 year old Rat Terrier. Her previous owners show Afghans and just started breeding, and felt that they couldn't provide her with the attention she deserves, with puppies coming and show season really kicking into high gear. She's been with us since Monday and intergrated herself seamlessly into our family, getting along great with the kids and the cats. And, she doesn't bark. My 3 year old daughter picked out everything pink for her. Pink bed, pink collar (That says 'Princess'), pink bowls, pink toys. If they made pink food, I'm sure she'd have piked that as well. Who knows, Ms Sasha may inspire me to make a little line of dog jewelry as well!

Prepare for more updates next week in regards to the Etsy shop. And most likely some adventures in chain maille, a frustrating love of mine!

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