What a crazy week!

May 5, 2009

Last week was just a little hectic. Along with the normal small child insanity, I had extended family chaos on top of it. Not that I minded one bit, I love my whole family. The curveballs life is throwing just make me a stronger, better person.

I got a text from my mother Weds afternoon after I had gotten home from her house. My grandmother had called and needed outpatient surgery on Thursday. I called my partner at work and told him to find some coverage, I had to go out of town. I was not going to let my mother go deal with it on her own. I managed to pack and wind up a bunch of rings for chainmaille, plus write out detailed instructions for the kids before I had to leave. Thursday morning, I was forced to call the Dr's office because the littlest was coughing. The littlest has asthma, so when he starts coughing we get him in fast so it doesn't move to bronchitis. The awesome ladies at our Dr's office managed to get him in that morning.  I informed my partner of this just as my dad was pulling up to pick me up.

The drive to my grandmother's was uneventful. I was surprised to see a large wind farm between Peoria and Lincoln. It was impressive to see so many wind turbines dotting the landscape, even if the weather was grey and rainy. My grandmother lives north of here, in a small town called Galva. I spent a good portion of my teen years in this small community and it had been a few years since I had been back there. I was surprised to see the town's pool buildings had been painted a boring taupe. The decay of a small town that is slowing dying was a little painful to deal with. So many homes and businesses were missing or in dangerous disrepair.

Grandma's procedure went well. It took a lot longer then we intially expected due to the case before hers. She was scheduled to go in at 12:30pm but didn't go back til 3pm. We got her home safe and sound and parked her in the sunroom, as she was still a bit unsteady from the sedation. Friday, my mother and I ran some errands for grandma which made us chuckle a little bit. Then we popped over to see my great aunt Maxine at the independent living facility she lives at. I feel awful that Auntie Mac has never met my youngest, and she hasn't seen my 3 year old since she was 6 months old. But while she's a little more frail looking, she sill wears her nylons and blue eye shadow. She was happy to see us. Then we popped over to Bishop Hill for some lunch. My mother is addicted to Swedish Meatballs. I had to partake in them as well, and they were very good. The bread pudding was amazing! We hit a few shops and it was nap time.

I took a whole bunch of jumprings with me to keep me occupied during the downtimes in Galva. I had intended to work on a Jens Pind necklace, but discovered I made 3mm rings instead of the 2.5, so I started on a byzantine piece. My grandmother became interested in what I was doing and decided she wanted it for her own. My 81 year old grandmother, wearing maille!

Busy Busy here. New things are coming, left and right and I am excited about it all.


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