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April 17, 2009

The sun is shining away outside. That always seems to get the creative juices flowing in me. It's a welcome change to the grey, wet, dreariness the rest of the week held. At some point today, I will set the little ones loose in the back yard and let them run themselves exhausted. Perhaps then I can get some much needed work done. I'm still working on the whole balancing act of being a mother and trying to make my love of making jewelry into a living. It's a rather precarious balancing act, especially with children so young, as they flipflop in their moods and schedules.

So, on to the things I am working on. I even have visual aides!
We'll begin with a little bit of a failure. Not totally a failure tho. The frame I made for a piece of seaglass was just a hint too large. My initial goal was to wirewrap and net bezel it in ala Eni Oken style, however, I have to rebuild the frame. The old frame is going to be used as a funky little freeform pendant tho. Never fear!

The Seaglass piece is a neat little thing. I have a friend who lives on the Outer Banks in NC, and she sent me a lovely selection of seaglass she and her daughters had collected. This piece was one of them. It's shaped like a little spoon, or a tongue. I have intentions of dangling a little pearl in the bowl of it once I rebuild the frame.

Next on the list of working project is, my foray into chain making. Not Chainmailling (we'll get into that shortly), but actually making the chain itself. This is a long project for me, as I have to make the links, rings and wrapped beads. I plan on it being a long necklace that can be wrapped two or three times for a delicious layered look. The stones are flower jade, the metal is copper. They marry well and I can not wait to finish it up and show it off. Again, visual aides!

Also on the list of to-do projects that never ends, setting up shop on Etsy! Wish me luck I'm going to need it. Have a great weekend, and I will work on a chainmaille post on Sunday, since the SO is off and I can work on it this weekend.

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