Sunny Saturday

March 21, 2009

Weekends are always looked forward to. Today shaped up to be a pretty decent one too. The sun was out in force today, so I ducked out to grab some more pics of pendants. It was still a little bit on the chilly side to let the little ones out to play, perhaps tomorrow will be different. This evening, I settled down at my desk and used my handy dandy new tool! I got a 1" square paper punch, and boy does it make a difference! It's really going to help speed up the glass tile pendants.

I just finished up 6 new ones. Here's a little sneak peek.

Tomorrow they will get their bails, photo shoots and listed on Artfire.

While I was busily working away on these, the little ones ran wild. Until this happened.

The littlest monster climbed up into the beanbag chair and crashed out. It must be tiring coming over and pestering mom when she has tacky fingers! He's still asleep with his Superman blanket in the chair. I'm going to follow his cue and do the same.

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