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March 21, 2009

Well it had to be done at some point, right? The first post.

I managed to finally get an online selling venue set up. As you can see to your right, there's is a lovely little quick cart for my shop. I am working on getting things photographed and added into the shop. I actually preformed a miracle tonight and cleaned off my jewelry desk. That's unhead of! And yesterday I managed to swing by Lowes and pick up a torch head and little bottle of propane. Soldering, here I come!

Spring has gotten my creative juices flowing full force. The ice dam has thawed and the river is a flowing. So a few more of those little glass tile pendants should be up by the end of the weekend. As should some copper pieces. I also have to do a few anklet's for my mother, and finish up a necklace for my sister. The anklets will be fun. I am personally not a fan of gold, but it's all my mother will wear. So I have to craft her a gold and rose quartz anklet. I also told her I would make her a nifty little flat spiral woven anklet as well. Yes, I will take photos of them before they go to their new home.

I am working primarily in copper right now due to cost. For myself, and my customers. I have a stash of sterling, that I am sitting on. So, once I start getting my wire work up in the artfire store.. if you see something and want it in silver, contact me and I will do a custom order for you!

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